mo suga's art dump


this is horrible. there was no reason for this dog to die.

katie “how did you take this character superman, and make him less of a comic book character, and make him more multi dimensional?”

ok seriously, can people stop insulting comics already if they’ve never read them??

Despite “Man of Steel“‘s lack luster story, there were certainly moments that i will remember for a while. The soundtrack was undoubtedly the best i’ve heard in heard in years. General Zod was by far one of the best interpretations to date; Michael Shannon has played a convincing villain and a relatable demon. 

1950s Novelty Earrings - Bizarre Designs (by VintageFashions)

i can’t stop watching this channel!

animals and pin up girls. my favorite combo.

1950s Fashions in Paris - Real Vintage Fashion Footage (by VintageFashions)